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Telemed develops hardware and software solutions for advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Telemed MRI Ambiance includes MRI Projector and MRI Monitor.

User Friendly

We aim to make advanced MRI applications affordable for routine clinical scanning. We prioritize the efficiency and ease of use for all our products.

Multiple Language Options

We are always on the lookout for innovation. Please contact us for your language or other add-on recommendations.

High Availability

Our products are proven to be durable and able to operate continuously during long-term uses.

Continuous and Fast Technical Assistance

Users of our products consider us as teammates. We believe in intensive collaboration between our team and the users; that allows us to innovate in ways that others cannot apprehend.


MR In-Room Projector for Ambiance

MRI rooms are yet to become comfort zones for the patient. MR Ambiance is the key to provide the best MRI experience to the patient. Comfortig videos are projected onto MR surfaces buy MR Projector. 12% of MRI examinations are cancelled because of patient anxiety. We aim to prevent that loss by providing a comfortable MR environment from the first step.

MR In-Room Monitor for Patient Comfort

Patients mostly feel worried about going inside the MR bore for long scan times. That's why all MR scanners need to have dedicated entartainment systems. Telemed is #1 independent global manufacturer of MR Monitors that suit all MR's.

Functional MRI - A Push Button Solution

Functional MR Imaging measures the patient's brain activation in response to a stimulus. Mapping the motor and language regions of the patient's brain is of great importance for surgical planning. Telemed integrated hardware and software solution makes the functional MR scanning seamless for the patient and technician.

MR Elastography Solution

We manufacture affordable state-of-the-art hardware and software tools to generate mechanical waves in MR and transmit them to the imaging volume. MR Elastography (MRE) arises as a non-invasive alternative to needle biopsy for liver fibrosis staging.

We manufacture for the stars of medical imaging.

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Telemed focus on safety and quality in the development and manufacturing. Telemed solutions are designed, developed and manufactured under certified ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 Quality Management system. Our products are tested for IEC consensus standard for Device Safety (60601-1) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) (60601-1-2) for medical equipment.