Getting Free of MR Claustrophobia

Telemed 32" MR Compatible Monitor is placed behind the magnet. Patients watches the videos via the mirror on the head coil or through prism glasses.

The screen is a certified for in-room MR use. It is not effected from the magnet and does not have any interference with the scanner.

Useful for Pediatric Scans

MR environment is frustrating for children. To relieve anxiety, pediatric patients are mostly sedated and anaesthetized prior to scaning.

On the other hand, when the children were able to watch cartoons with Telemed MR Monitor, numerous scans were completed without sedation or anaesthetia. Avoiding anaesthetia is safer for the children and less stressfull for the family.

Easy to Use For the Operator

Telemed MR Monitor can be fully controlled from the technician desk by a dedicated PC and the control box. Any video played on the PC is shared with the patient with a single push-button on the control box.

On the dedicated PC, the technician choses to play between movies, relaxing nature videos, sports videos, cartoons, TV shows etc. Online streaming sites like Youtube© and Netflix© are popular amoung patients. Some patients prefer bringing their own CD's to accompany their MR scanning.

Improving Patient Cooperation

Studies reveal that about 12% of MRI examinations are cancelled because of patient anxiety. Thats a huge economic loss for imaging sites and the patients.

Our MR entertainment system aim to overcome this problem. The relaxed patients become in better cooperation with the technician during MR scanning. This leads to improvement in the image quality and reduction in the number repeated scans.