MRI Ambiance in State of Art

MRI rooms are yet to become comfort zones for the patient. Telemed MR Projector can be fully controlled from the technician desk via a dedicated PC or an iPad. The technician choses to play between relaxing nature videos and animations.

Telemed MRI Ambiance Software

The dedicated MRI Amiance Software runs on PC and iPad. It is responsible for real-time streaming of audiovisual content. The software drives the Telemed MR In-Room Projector, 32” MR In-Room Display, ambient sound, MR In-Bore Audio and the RGB room lighting. It includes over 300 animations, videos and images.

Telemed MR In-Room Projector

Telemed MR compatible projector is the main unit of the MRI Ambiance Solution. It projects video/animation content to the MR scanner face or to the side walls.

  • 1920-1080 Full HD resolution
  • Fiber optic connection
  • Integrated Speaker 40W
  • 30-300” screen size
  • 5000 Lumens maximum brightness