Presentation of the Tasks

It is easy for patients to do what they see. The stimuli are presented to the patient via Telemed Vision 32" which is placed behind the magnet. Patients see the monitor through the mirror on the head coil.

Ease of Use

From Stimus Presentation Software on a dedicated PC, the technician chooses the task and starts the pulse sequence. The system work seamlessly, the paradigm advances in correct timing with the pulse sequence.

All the system is controllable from the console room with a single push-button.

State of Art Universal Hardware

Telemed Synchronization Panel (left) is responsible for the timing of the stimuli. It is a universal device, compatible with Siemens, GE and Philips MR's.

Telemed Fiberoptic response button is for the use of patients in MR, especially during cognitive experiments. It has an ergonomic design with one to four button options.

Up-to-Date Paradigms in Software

The Stimulus Presentation Software comes with 25 pre-installed paradigms (grouped as motor, language lateralization and retinotopy) that are mostly needed in routine clinical scanning.

With the paradigm generation capability, advanced users can easily design new paradigms for academic studies. Additionally, our software team provides continuous technical support and prepares new paradigms free of charge in demand.